Metrica‘s team has been accumulating experience since 2003. We’ve been offering a number of innovative services on the Bulgarian market - telemarketing, call center services, building marketing databases, etc., becoming one of the pioneers in direct marketing on the Bulgarian market. We are also one of the co-founders of the Bulgarian Association for Direct Marketing (BADM).

Guided by the development of marketing and advertising in Bulgaria, we developed our portfolio of services. We have experience with fulfilling and servicing different advertising, promotional and marketing campaigns. We continuously create new services based on market demand and development by constantly investing in know-how, expanding and enriching the necessary resources, and continually developing and updating the knowledge and skills of our team.

In 2013 we restructured our services under a new brand and Metrica Ltd became an agency with a rich palette of well-structured services, a wide range of clients and a team that will always find a solution so that your customers will remain happy and loyal to your company or brand.

At the end of 2015, La Poste (the French state-owned postal operator) acquired a majority stake in Metrica Ltd. The company was chosen for its portfolio of marketing and logistics solutions as well as for the management of a database that is unique in Bulgaria. The new partnership gives Metrica's team access to more knowledge, opportunities for providing complete solutions and platforms, and for the agency’s customers - access to new services and technologies.