Metrica’s vision is that good business relies on the effective communication between them.

Our guiding principle is that every time we make contact is unique and important. We apply this philosophy when dealing with every one of our clients as well as your customers.

Every phone call, gesture, word, letter, email that we handle are charged with professionalism, determination and customer care. We’ll prove it to you if you choose our services.

Metrica’s mission is to create a lasting relationship between companies and their customers. To offer a solution for carrying out your campaign that’s executed with the utmost professionalism, innovation and know-how our team has acquired over the years.

Our excellent resource base gives us the flexibility we need to boldly rise up to the challenges every new task brings.

If you’re looking for a solution – look no further!

The values we adhere to help us create an effective and lasting culture where everybody is happy and content

  • RESPECT for the other person‘s opinion (customer or colleague) – discussion brings forth valuable ideas
  • Looking for SIMPLIFIED solutions – every suggestion has to be easily understandable and doable
  • Keeping PROMISES – we promise only what we can deliver, words not backed by actions are unnecessary.
  • INSPIRING – we always look for opportunities and ways to grow