StepUP is an unique and innovative service for the logistics process in the online stores, directed to business of all sizes.

  • dns BASIC - Storage space and logistics

    We will facilitate your daily routine of packing, dispatch and tracking of shipments. At the same time you will pay the minimum amount of the storage space that you need, without long-term contracts. Basic is our basic proposal for logistics and storage servicing of your online store. To facilitate and simplify most of the other processes, you can choose any of the following supplements:

  • dns Start - Let's build it together

    We will install and configure the appropriate for you platform and we will offer you individual design in order to provide you with a flawless start.

  • swap_horiz Contents Management

    We will provide complete or partial administration of your online store, in order you can focus on the important things about your business.

  • payment Advertising

    We will make sure that the customers reach you easily by committing ourselves to the preparation and implementation of promotional strategies that will position your online store in the best possible way.

  • phone Customer service

    We will provide your customers complete transparency, accessibility and attention, by replying on their inquiries, comments and desires.


Whether you start a business, or are developing small or medium company, or an international company .... We will provide you flexible and affordable solution.

It is simple:

  • 1. You send us your products to storage them
    • 2. Your customers make orders in your online store
      • 3. We receive and process the orders according to your requirements and send them to the customers
        • 4. Your customers receive their orders.

You do not need to worry about the warehouse management, staff, computer systems or storage equipment. You can focus only on the business and your customers.

The cost of StepUp - BASIC will be much lower than the price you would pay if you take up alone with all these activities, and at the same time, it is going to be more simple, easy and convenient.


You will only pay what you use – there is no need to enter into a long-term rental in order to get a good price or to rent a warehouse that will never use to its full capacity. We have our own warehouse with mobile loading ramps and the necessary storage equipment for loading and unloading services – scrapers, forklifts, stackers.


Staff shortages, delayed orders, dissatisfied customers - a nightmare for any business. We will always maintain the necessary team to dispatch your orders on time, in case of sudden increase of the orders or during the promotions, the team servicing your orders, will always be sufficient to comply with the promised deadlines.

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+ Start

We will help you to create your online store starting with the most basic things – domain, hosting, e-commerce platform and every detail you need, we will make sure that your articles are with the relevant prices, specifications, descriptions, general terms, conditions for return and delivery and we will build and secure the overall process of servicing your customers from receiving of an order to its implementation according to your requirements.


From the concept to the launch in a short term. The idea to make an online store is born, but you can’t find time to implement it. Let us help you and to take care of everything instead of you. We will offer you design, will take care for the hosting, domain registration and we will complete all these activities in the shortest possible term.


"The Showcase" is important; it is the first thing your customers see. Design and layout of "shelves", labelling with prices ... we will take care of everything and your only commitment will be to say your final “Yes”.


"The Seller" in the store will provide a professional attitude, attention and care, so that every customer to be satisfied and to "return back" again.

+ Contents Management

Always up to date availability and prices, keeping in stock, update of information, introducing the new items with attendant descriptions, generating keywords for quick search of information, entering information about promotions, discounts on certain goods, tracking the start and the end of the promotions and everything else needed for the proper functioning of your store - this supplement is the solution.


You have many new items you want quickly reach to your clients, but their introduction with prices, descriptions, technical parameters and keywords takes so much time - we will help you all to be introduced quickly and accurately.


The most unpleasant moment - when you have to tell the customer "The supply will be delayed" or "This product is out of stock" – in order to avoid this, we will always take care to maintain the availability of the items in the store up to date, and you will be notified about the need of new supplies.

+ Advertising

Your shop is ready, loaded with goods and expecting its first customers, but they do not come ... or are less than your expectations...

The reason is simply that customers do not know about your existence...

How to increase traffic to your online store? How to reach exactly those people who are interested in your products and will make a purchase? How to increase the level of sales in the store and keep this trend stable?

We will give you the comprehensive advertising strategy developed specifically for the needs of your online store, so to ensure you optimal results.


Your potential customers are looking for your product in Google – they will learn about you from Pay per click and Pay per action. By a targeted banner click campaign in specially selected sites (Google Display Network and other large banner networks), you will attract more customers for your services. Depending on the specifics of your product, we will recommend the exact presence and advertising on Facebook and other social networks.


Internet is a dynamic environment - to stay competitive and to ensure the most favorable conditions constant monitoring and optimizing of the activities are needed – and they are obligatory part of our advertising services. We will assist you to use better the potential of the online store by monitoring and analyzing your results in Google Analytics.


We will ensure the use of all advertising opportunities that lead to increasing of the relevant traffic to your online store and increase sales, such as Remarketing and Optimization based on sales (Conversions tracking and Cost pre Action) and buying an advertising presence based on a specific audience for which we know that is interested in your products, at the best possible price (Programmatic Buying and Real Time Bidding).

+ Customer service

Good servicing and satisfaction are important to build a long-term customer’s relationships and are the foundation of any good business...

It is always good if you can pick up the phone and ask....

For that reason, we offer you a customer service phone line. Thereby your customers will have a steady relationship with you through the highly trained professional operators. Your customers can always contact us and to be supported by phone, email or chat in order to get answers of their questions regarding the goods and services, to clarify or change a delivery, to add a product to the already placed orders or just to share impression. Personal contact builds trust, and it is the key to the loyal customers.


To be clear and for your best convenience, the price of our main logistics service is reduced to a single sum for servicing of one overall order and includes the following elements:
Reception and storage of goods
Receiving orders via email or directly thought API connection of an online store
Processing and packaging according to the customer’s standards
Transmission of the good to a courier for delivery
Processing of returned items

= BGN 2.20 / per processed order *
* The price above is valid upon certain conditions and limits.
For the rest of the services included in Step UP please ask for an offer.